What to Read Since You Survived Mercury Retrograde

How to get back on track after three weeks of suck

What has been called a three-week communication crisis by astrologists, this end-of-summer Mercury Retrograde is finally coming to an end. Whether the planets or the president are to blame for the problems that have arisen these past few weeks, we know times have been tough. Now that Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close September 5th, we created a book list to help you recover and start the Fall season as your best self. So go ahead, buy those electronics you were holding back on and check out these books to get your life back on track.

This book will empower your inner witch and give you the tools you need to navigate your life now that Retrograde is over. Not only are there real spells contained in this wonderfully illustrated book, but there are also tips and tricks for success in work, life, romance, and friendship. Whether you are a pro at all things Wicca or just beginning to tap into your witchiness, this book is a perfect reminder of the power that lies within.

There’s drama, and then there’s Retrograde drama. If you experienced conflict with friends and significant others over these past three weeks, take a page from Cheryl Strayed’s lovely compilation of advice on love and life from her original column, “Dear Sugar.” From infidelity to financial hardships to grief, she covers a wide variety of topics with compassion and logic.

If you’re having trouble moving forward after Retrograde, here’s a powerful book that will help you get un-stuck. Duhigg explains how habits are formed scientifically in the brain, then clues us in on how we can create helpful habits for our own lives. Whether you want to be more productive in general or want to exercise more regularly, this book has some information on harnessing all of your potential.

Because everyone is a little more neurotic during Retrograde, we thought we would include a book about not giving so many f*cks about little things. The author uses humor and real-world examples to create the new generation’s ultimate self-help book where he suggests we stop spending so much time trying to be “positive” and start being more selective with what we devote time and energy to being concerned about.

Don’t lose your mind over money matters. Jen Sincero’s book contains a wealth of information (see what we did there?) on how to remove the obstacles that stand between you and the income you deserve. Drawing from her own life, she explains how we can overcome doubt and master the mindset needed to work, create, and achieve financial prosperity.

It’s not just you — the planets are totally messing with your life. Okay, maybe your personality does have a little bit to do with it. Learn the nuances of your personality, including what makes you tick, by diving into the spiritual sciences with this comprehensive guide to the zodiac.

Philosophy and family merge in a semi-autobiographical novel by Robert Pirsig. A transcendent modern classic about a father and son’s motorcycle road trip from Minnesota to Northern California, this book has been known to give people much-needed perspective on life and existence.

So you survived three weeks of Retrograde. Think you could make four little agreements with yourself? Don Miguel Ruiz goes in depth to explain why you should 1. be impeccable with your word, 2. don’t take anything personally, 3. don’t make assumptions, and 4. always do your best. This simple yet useful wisdom can help you on your path to personal freedom.

Have you ever wanted to do something creative, but couldn’t get past the first stages of fear and doubt to actually do the thing? For those in a creative rut, The War of Art is a practical guide to help you break through mental blocks and start on your art again.

Pause, breathe, and read this explanation of why Buddhism and meditation provide clarity and happiness for people like us. Even those that are skeptical of Buddhist practices will find insightful information about the psychology and philosophy behind mindfulness.

Even if it’s not 100% accurate, it’s still fun to think about how your quirks are related to your day of birth. Find out your strengths and weaknesses based on astrology, numerology, tarot, and the author’s psychic intuition with this incredibly comprehensive guide to birthdays.

Re-calibrate for a new beginning with this beautifully illustrated tarot deck from Kim Krans. Plus, learn to accurately and intuitively read your cards with the wisdom provided in the guidebook. Soon, you’ll be sharing the wisdom by conducting readings for your loved ones too.

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